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Did You Know Delaware, USA The First State In The Nation To Offer No Euthanized Animal Shelters?


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Pet Journey  It is for all to reach in and help. For a particular purpose by founder Jane - adoptee of chickens, dogs and more. See Orp the rooster saves his chicks by keeping them warm in the winter after the mother hen goes missing!

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About Pet Journey

First of it's Kind. Pet Journey Video:  We always try to provide topics to help you. One place topics for pet care.  Real Pets - Real Pet Journey Videos - Tell your pet life journey - Share love paws on walls memorial story video of your beloved pet!  When a beloved dog or cat has died it's so hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet, and that goodbye, no matter how old the furry friend is, always feels far too soon.  Contact us for more information!  

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I Really Care For The Welfare Of All Animals! And so do you!

     Pet Journey Message from the founder Jane McNellis: I started adopting animals from shelters years ago.  And I adopted horses & ponies that were too old to service pony farms.  Moreover,  when developers came in years ago when the farms in New Jersey were disappearing - I searched barns for the owls.  Catch and release them back to their woodlands.  Hoot & White Owls.  (I have been raising homing pigeons and chickens since I was 6 yrs.old.) And tending to dogs & cats.  Luke my first dog at my age 11 & was the direct breed decent of Lassie & Rin Tin Tin. German Shepard & Collie.  Luke's favorite fun time was playing hide & go seek, running on frozen lakes while I was ice skating, trotting after the farm tractor, & helping keep the raccoons & skunks hiding in irrigation pipes away from me. Tip: If your dog has a run-in with a skunk use pure tomato juice to remove the skunk's spray, which is a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals such as thiols (traditionally called mercaptans). Luke lived to be over 17 yrs. old. His diet was mainly what we ate. And he loved Grandfather homemade right from organic garden vegetable soup.

(Skunks are omnivorous, eating both plant and animal material and changing their diets as the seasons change. They eat insects, larvae, earthworms, grubs, rodents, lizards, salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds, moles, and eggs. They also commonly eat berries, roots, leaves, grasses, fungi, and nuts.) And skunks really do serve a good purpose.


As of now, I have 4 farm dogs rat terriers (the hero from military service dogs) & Pet Tip:  My grandfather told me years ago.  "Jane get a mutt or a runt they make the best dog ever!"  "And scratch their backs because they love that - they can not reach that area."      

Recently involved in adopting chicken pets.  Parents buy chicks and their children love them.  But as the chicks grow larger some parents can not afford to feed them or do not have the right chicken coop protection.  The children know I will keep their brood safe and they can come back to visit them again.  The rooster is the first ones to go.  They do not lay eggs.  I adopted them too.  And they all get along just fine. Orp, my adopted rooster saved his chicks. See Orp the Rooster Journey. Take time to review with your children the video I made from the same systems that teachers use in schools. I shared with grade school principal & school children and even he or they did not know all about chickens. Orp is crowing at Twitter Orp The Rooster

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